Theoretical Chemistry Genealogy Project
Roald Hoffmann
Biography / Biographie
Ph.D., Theoretische Chemie, 1962
Harvard University, USA

Dissertation: Theory of polyhedral molecules. Second quantization and hypochromism in helices

Advisor: William (Nunn) Lipscomb

Advisor (2): Martin Paul Goutermann

Name School Year Descendants
Robert Forman BergerCornell University20090
Mihaela D. BojinCornell University20040
Michael John BucknumCornell University19960
Stephen R. CainCornell University19820
Ah Wing Edith ChanCornell University19910
Maynard Ming-Liang ChenCornell University19760
Ji FengCornell University20070
Daniel FredricksonCornell University20050
Hugh Stephen GeninCornell University19970
Nicholas Mark GerovacCornell University20070
Wingfield Verner GlasseyCornell University20000
Paulina Gonzalez MorelosCornell University20100
Pradeep GuttaCornell University20030
Kevin Shizuaki HarakiCornell University19800
David Mitchell HayesCornell University19710
David Maurice HoffmannCornell University19820
James M. HowellCornell University19710
Timothy Ray HughbanksCornell University19830
Gregory A. LandrumCornell University19970
Kimberly Anne LawlerCornell University19940
Jing LiCornell University19900
Qiang LiuCornell University19950
Abds-Sami MalikCornell University19980
Erika F. MerschrodCornell University19990
Zafiria NomikouCornell University19920
Garegin A. PapoianCornell University19990
Anne PoduskaCornell University20070
Chinoy RanjanCornell University20070
Birgitte E. R. SchillingCornell University19790
Shen-Shu SungCornell University19840
Jerrald Roy SwensonCornell University19710
David Lincoln ThornCornell University19780
Grigori V. VajenineCornell University19970
Chiu Chuen WanCornell University19710
Ying WangCornell University20000
Ralph Allan WheelerCornell University19880
Sunil David WijeyesekeraCornell University19830
Charles Neil WilkerCornell University19830
Yat-Ting WongCornell University19910
Chong ZhengCornell University19860
Marjanne Clara ZonnevylleCornell University19890

According to our current on-line database Roald Hoffmann has 41 student(s) and 41 descendants